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ウブレー・べ・アフリカ/Ubuhle be Afrika
(South Africa)


アリシア・サルデーニャ/Alicia Saldenha
(Trinidad & Tobago/Osaka)

トリニダード・トバゴ共和国生まれ。ファンクとソウル、カリプソ、ソカ、レゲエなど母国の文化、クラッシック音楽やオペラが好きなシンガーは、自分の音楽にて一つのジャンルに押し入れることはできない。デビュー・ソロ・アルバム「Dance with the Sun」2012年6月にリリースした。

ラ・ノータ/La Nota


They aim to promote & celebrate the unique culture of South Africa through music, colourful languages, rhythms & beats and dances. They do traditional dance, marimba band, drumming workshops, songs with percussion & poetry and more. They regularly take part in local festivals, corporate events and private functions as well as stage productions.
Ubuhle be Afrika has been invited to tour Europe four times and is now looking to bring their music and talent to Japan and other parts of Asia.

Alicia’s unique brand of funky soul island sugar can best be described by imagining the vocal sweetness of Roberta Flack, Minnie Riperton and Linda Lewis, mixed with the raw funk and stage energy of Chaka Khan and Rufas. Her cultural heritage of calypso, soca and reggae, a love of classical music and opera, a career in drama and musical theatre while barely a teenager, her discovery of jazz and soul in Europe, fluency in several languages, have all lead to a transnational career and a vocal style that is her own.
Her debut solo album, "Dance with the Sun," was released in June, 2012.

A group of 3 South American Natives and a Japanese dancer that does salsa, merengue, reggae and reggaeton to audiences not only in the Kansai area, but other regions of Japan as well.