ステラー・アデイックション/Stellar Addiction (Australia)


カティヤ/Katya (US)

2012年9月に初めてのジャパン・ツアーを行って、関西ミュージックカンファレンスとHard Rock Cafe Osaka でライブをしました。そして、「日本でツアーができました」の結果として、2013年の春に有名なロックバンド「Queensryche」のオープニン グ・バンドとして出演しました。また、2013年の秋は2回目のジャパンツアーを行なってKMC Music Award 2つ(ハイラム・ブロック・アワード、2013年の最も人気なアーティスト・アワード)にノミネートされました。

ダヴィナ・ロビンソン/Davina Robinson (US/Osaka)


Stellar Addiction are a five piece band from Sydney, mixing pop/punk vibes with alternative influences and lead singer Stacey's rich and soulful vocals. They deliver a fresh sound bursting with harmonies and catchy hooks.
They did their first tour in Japan in 2016 after attending Kansai Music Conference and finished their second tour in August 2017.

A Los Angeles native and Russian Freedom Rocker, she is an astounding singer, songwriter, performer and musician with a repertoire of over 300 songs. She has appeared on NBC, KTLA, VH1 Classic, E Channel, MTV, and Japanese TV. KATYA is a cast member in the Mark Burnett Production Reality Television Series "ROCK AND ROLL FANTASY CAMP" on VH1 Classic.
KATYA has been to Japan annually since 2012, performing at Hard Rock Cafe Osaka, Hard Rock Cafe Universal City Walk Osaka and Art House, among other places. She just completed her sixth tour to Japan in Nov. 2017.

Davina Robinson is an American singer-songwriter based in Osaka, Japan. She has become known locally for her powerful, bluesy voice and energetic live performances. She released her first full-length album, Black Rock Warrior Queen in November 2011 and has since continued to generate buzz taking her music and brand to a new level as the boundary-defying American woman rocking the Japanese independent music scene.