Gospel | R&B

ジイ・アンダーソン/G. Anderson (US/Osaka)


ジーナ・ウイリアムズ/Gina Williams (Canada)


A passionate gospel & jazz singer, originally from the US, who has performed for major theme parks in the US & Japan, and also many US theater companies. He has performed for cruise lines traveling around the world. Singing in many music venues in Japan and the US.
Now back in Japan,he has been directing,teaching voice,dance,English and giving workshops for school programs,dance studios, and performing around the country.

As an award-winning Alberta born singer, songwriter, composer and pianist, she has performed extensively to thousands of people throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia. She has had numerous TV appearances and extensive radio and print coverage as well as film roles as an actress in the feature films.
A few years ago she was a guest of the Canadian & Japanese Governments to perform mainly pop ballades in many venues in Nagoya, and she performed at Kansai Music Conference in Sept. 2016 in addition to a gospel concert at a church in Osaka.