We have promotional tour packages that will make planning a tour in Japan much easier with significantly less hassle.
The packages range from tours for solo artists to 4 piece bands and are for a 5 - 8 day stay.
All packages include: booking & promotional fees, hotel, tour manager, dinners, and transportation.* (discounts may apply with use of JR Rail Pass)
Please contact us for details on options not listed or if you would like to inquire about hiring musicians living in Japan.
*airfare to/from Japan not included

Tour Packages

solo 2 piece band 3 piece band 4 piece band

 3 - city tour (5 days)

¥229,000 ¥239,000 ¥269,000 ¥279,000

 4 - city tour (6 days)

¥309,000 ¥359,000 ¥419,000 ¥449,000

 5 - city tour (8 days)

¥359,000 ¥419,000 ¥509,000 ¥549,000


Information about artists and their music in Japanese is essential in order to create interest in Japan, a country where English is generally not spoken. For a standard fee, we can translate bios, press reviews, etc. into Japanese for use on flyers, websites, business cards and other promotional materials.


For artists planning a tour in Japan, we offer a chance to get exposure through internet radio and promotional items such as t-shirts, goody bags and accessories to help build name recognition.


Mainly in the Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo areas, we try to get artists in the best venues for their style of music. These include but are not limited to; live clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and churches. For most tours, we usually book 5 - 8 gigs over 8 - 10 days and upon confirming the dates with each venue, we send the show details to the artist by e-mail.
(For information on expenses in Japan, please see the FAQ section of this site.)
Upon confirmation of a proposed tour schedule, we require a one time 60,000yen payment. This can be made by bank transfer (additional 4,000yen service charge) or by Paypal. Once the payment has been confirmed, the artist will be guaranteed the following services:
 - shows booked according to the proposed tour schedule
 - tour promoted on the monthly radio show, KMC Vibes
 - hotel and transportation reserved


With discount membership cards to quality and conveniently located metropolitan hotels and car rental companies, lodging and transportation arrangements can be made to fit your budget.


Included in our tour packages is the fee for a tour manager fluent in at least 2 languages that will take care of the artist while they are in Japan. This is often necessary to insure that the artist is on time for all scheduled appointments as well as to make sure that the tour goes smoothly. Some of the duties of the tour manager include:
 - guiding from the airport to the hotel/lodging
 - assisting with hotel check in
 - providing use of Japanese mobile phone at no charge while in Japan
 - explaining the sometimes complicated train system (at least 15 different companies in Tokyo and 11 in Osaka)
 - guiding to and from the shows
 - providing communication assistance with the venue during set up and soundcheck
 - interpreting for the artist when talking to fans before and after shows
 - taking care of business with venues before/during/after the show or whenever necessary
 - distributing promotional materials, website and contact information to people at the shows
 - bringing friends or inviting important industry people to shows and introducing them to the artist
 - taking pictures or video for the artist during the show upon request
 - acting as a driver for artists that choose to travel by car
 - taking the artist to eat at good restaurants for dinner and explaining the menu (often times menus are only in Japanese)


The sound at live houses is well done and professional, however it's loud! If you're a band that has a sound somewhat different than that of a typical rock band, then you may want to take advantage of our services. We offer a sound tech service with experienced engineers for all types of music. We also offer instrument & PA equipment rental. Please contact us for specific details.


Once we've booked and confirmed all the agreed upon shows for the tour, a contract will be issued and the artist will be asked to review and sign it. After signing, any cancellation by the artist will result in a 20,000yen penalty per show cancelled.