COMPANY NAME: Shalestone Music

MAIN OFFICE: Osaka, Japan

ESTABLISHED: Apr. 1993 (US), Jan. 2006 (JP)

MANAGEMENT: Duane Levi, Founder & CEO

FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (JP), Wells Fargo (US), Paypal


Shalestone Music began as a case production and PA company in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Doing parties for fraternities and universities, sound engineering for bands at nightclubs and building road cases to keep gear in tact was where it all started. Later on, mobile recording was added that allowed for live recording of shows no matter the venue.
A long list of satisfied clients include independent artists as well as major acts like Hugh Masekela, Black Uhuru, Hootie & the Blowfish, Helmet, Buddy Guy and Angelique Kidjo among many others.
Having experienced the 90's with tours, clubs, parties, festivals, and much more, the turn of the century brought about a change to a different part of the world and after some time spent researching the Japanese music scene and seeing the large number of artists interested in getting into the market, services were centered around booking and artist promotion with a focus on independent artists touring Japan for the first time.
From the first tour in Oct. 2006, to the present, dozens of tours have been booked for artists from over 20 countries, with several artists using our recording services for "Live in Japan" cds.
In 2009 attention was turned towards improving the scene for independent musicians with the creation of Kansai Music Conference. The idea of a music conference similar to other countries had been tried in Japan, but it never caught. KMC became the first successful international music conference in Japan with main goal of building the music scene in Japan so that it better supports independent musicians. (KMC founder talks about the Japanese scene)
Currently, Shalestone Music is actively booking the first half of 2018 for both domestic and international artists as well as providing PA services at venues around the Kansai area.